What (and how) are you eating?

If you needed proof magic exists, look no further! Food is a constant source of magic in our life. ✨

When you look at it, not only does food keep us alive which is pretty rad but so many wonderful moments in our lives include food. 😋

So many things are possible because of the things we fuel ourselves with. All of the amazing things achieved, ever, would have literally been impossible without food.

And the feelings after those amazing meals that make your tastebuds and your tummy happy and leave you buzzing with energy are truly amazing.

So it blows my mind that as a society, we have developed a really poor relationship with food. We’ve lost touch with the magic. We eat for boredom, we eat for convenience, we eat on the run, we eat late at night out of the pantry. Instead of family meals at the table, we now eat on the couch while watching TV. We have lost touch with portion sizing and local produce. We have lost creativity and passion for cooking and eating. We wouldn’t even know what nutrients we need, let alone what’s in our food.

So how can we re-inject some magic back into lives and start noticing all the amazing things food can bring to our lives?

Start with mindfulness.

Mindfulness is the quality of being fully present and fully engaged with whatever we're doing at the moment. Free from distraction or judgement and aware of our thoughts and feelings without letting our minds wander off with them.

So, how does that work with food? How can we eat more mindfully?

1. No distractions

No phones, no TV, no work. Focusing only on our meal. Chat to your partner or your kids and spend some quality time catching up and savouring your meals. Ensure you remove everything from the table that isn't food.

2. Set times

Do you need to be eating every 10 minutes? Probably not. With more free time, we can set up some regular meal times. This means we can look forward to our meals and get excited about cooking and preparing them. We're establishing boundaries, so we're not constantly distracting ourselves with side trips to the fridge. We're not eating at our desk, or on the couch, or in bed. These new boundaries will not only support our new eating habits - but will also help us be more mindful of what we get up to in a day too!

3. Slooooowwwww dowwwwnnnn

Appreciate your food. Take time to taste it. Chew it properly. Put the cutlery down in between mouthfuls. Listen to your bod. Are you starting to feel full? What are the flavours? What do you enjoy most about it?

Taking the time to make a few adjustments to the way you approach meals may take a bit of getting used to, but doing this will dramatically change the way you look at food.

We need to truly see our nutrition for the amazing thing that it is - fuel for us to do anything. Fuel to do amazing things. Something to enjoy with loved ones. Something to make your day better (not as an afterthought.) And something to be interested in and excited about. Such an amazing form of magic that too many of us turn a blind eye to.

Give a these steps a go and see if you can bring some more magic to your lives!

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