The truth is, self love isn’t all rainbows and unicorns. The phrase is thrown like it’s easy... just ‘love yourself!’ - as if a few affirmations will undo all the conditioning, beliefs and values that we have built up over our entire lives. Self-love is ugly, it’s messy and it’s confronting as hell. But gosh is it worth undertaking.

It’s taking off the rose-coloured glasses and it’s looking at every single part of you (the good and the bad) and learning to embrace it all.

It’s rewiring that voice in your head that tells you you aren’t good enough, not smart enough, not pretty enough. The voice that’s probably been around since you were little.

It’s digging deep to face down the limiting beliefs that are tethering you in one place. Those beliefs that have allowed you to self-sabotage your happiness, to miss opportunities and stay in your comfort zone.


Self love will have moments of ugly crying, it’s raw as hell and a massive part of it is forgiving yourself.

But the flip side to it all is that it’s also unconditional love and kindness. 🥰 This means kindness and love on the days where you feel like a rockstar as well as the days you make mistakes, you cry all the tears or you feel like you’re being drowned in your insecurities.

Self-love is showing up for yourself every single day no matter how challenging it seems. It’s being able to recognise and let go of the darkness as it rises. It’s loving yourself enough so that you can grow.

Imagine how wonderful the world could be if we all prioritised this. If we all made the conscious effort to change the relationships with ourselves and allowed them to grow to one of pure love and kindness. 🙌🌏

That’s a world I wanna be a part of. 😉

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