How to say YES to travel.

A lot of people say that they can't afford travel. They have debts to pay. They can't leave. It's ok for people who have plenty of money. Or insert any other reason/excuse here. We all make excuses to not do things we want to do. But by having this mindset - that you can't do something, means that's exactly what will happen. You won't do it. You won't challenge your beliefs, change your mindset or believe you can attain the things you desire.

Travel is not for everyone, I understand that. But for those who really get jealous of the friends posting fab pics from all over the world and wishing they could do the same... it is possible! First you have to change your mindset.

1. Instead of letting all the negative thoughts creep in - "I don't earn enough to travel" or "I'll never be able to save enough" - start looking at what you can do. Start small. Look at your daily spending. Start tracking it on a spreadsheet. Do you need 2 coffees in the morning? Maybe you can cut out one. (Fun fact: One coffee a day Mon-Fri equals over $1000 per year) Do you need to buy lunch everyday? Pack your lunch instead. Do you really neeeeeed that pedi? Can you walk to work, be designated driver on a night out, cut down your phone plan? All of these things add up over time.

Extra things you can do include selling unused items on buy/sell sites, putting up a spare room on AirBnB, registering for a frequent flyer card to earn miles on petrol or grocery shopping or offering to mow someone's lawn for cash. The options are endless!

2. Have a goal and start working towards it. Once you have the correct mindset and a goal, you have something to work towards, instead of a "someday" goal that never seems to come around.

3. Think outside the square. Holidays aren't just staying in expensive 5 star resorts on the beach. Look for ​jobs volunteering overseas where they provide your food and accommodation in exchange for volunteer work. Look for jobs overseas. Global Work & Travel Co are one of many companies that have loads of options for workers or volunteers. Canada offers some awesome short term jobs for Aussies either on the ski resorts or other holiday destinations, otherwise teach English in Asia, do Camp America in the States, work in a pub in the UK - you can still pay off debts while you're seeing the world.

4. Think about the positives and offer yourself up to new possibilities. You can stay in the average job that barely pays the bills. But why not move somewhere new for 6 months and start over? My grandparents moved to Australia when they were 14 and 15 for the opportunity of a

lifetime. They came with nothing but the clothes upon their back and the promise of a better life. Imagine what we can do with today's resources. And we have the flexibility of being able to go and come back for as long as we like... sounds pretty good to me!

If you're in a bad situation, what better time to try something new? Don't worry, your friends and family will still be there when you get back. If you are working at a job you hate, you're not enjoying life or have some little debts to pay off, there is really no better time to take a leap than now. Find something that moves you forward. Then take the next step. Then the next. Soon enough you'll be where you want to be... but you have to take that first step.

There are a million excuses to why you can't do something, now it's time to find the reasons why you can. The world is yours for exploring, if you want it to be.

Change your mindset. Set your goals. Make the changes.

What do you have to lose? Or should I say, what do you have to gain?

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