Why we all need to un-plug occasionally.

This morning I couldn't find my headphones. The sun was shining, the sky was a cloudless blue and the day was beckoning me outside for a walk... and I couldn't find them. I spent about twenty minutes turning the house upside down looking for them and still no luck. Had a mini-meltdown, was about to throw in the towel and not go for a bloody walk at all. But it was then that inspiration struck... I can walk without headphones.

Normally I play music that corresponds with my mood. For sunny days and walks I like upbeat, happy music that I can bop along to while I walk. I love walking. To have music and walking together is one of the great things in my life, I genuinely enjoy it. Today, I was about to embark on the unknown; what did people do before portable music devices? They..... just walked?

I listened to the cadence of my runners hitting the pavement. I listened to the birds chirping, the sound of lawn mowers and the wind rustling the trees. I felt the sun on my skin, felt the breeze waft around me and the flies flit past me. I got to speak to the locals and I mean really speak to them. Normally it's just a nod, a smile and a "morning!" But today, there were loads of people out walking and I actually had conversations with them. We talked about the glorious sunny weather, how it was a nice day to be alive and how we have to make the most of perfect days like these. We smiled, we laughed and I left each person I spoke to with a bigger smile on my face. I smelt the freshly mown grass and the roses. I literally woke up and smelt the roses!

Technology is amazing, we can talk to people on the other side of the world. But sometimes with all the awesome new gadgets, I think we lose sight of how cool life can be when we unplug for a little while. I came home this morning feeling so peaceful and happy, my thoughts weren't a jumbled mess of to-do lists, trivial things ceased to matter and I was excited for the rest of the day. All because in that one hour, I unplugged.

So what if we all unplugged for an hour a day. Put the phone away while we're out with friends. Turn the TV off and play with the kids. Have lunch without any devices and talk to someone. About anything. Make their day. Make yours.

Happy Sunday lovelies!

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