How to squeeze in adventure day-to-day.

A friend replied to a snapchat of mine the other day saying; "I've never known anyone to make the most of their days off more than you! It's actually pretty inspirational!" Fair to say I was pretty chuffed about that. The more I thought about it though, I realised - there is no such thing as "not enough time". How you choose to spend your time is completely up to you. I like to spend my time off going on adventures and exploring as much as I can. It makes life more colourful and lifts my mood sky-high.

I work 50+ hour weeks in the gym and I also play sport. Many would say that's busy and active enough, but I like to use my downtime planning and going on adventures. I could be a Negative Nancy and say that I'm too busy, or too time poor but by choosing to look at the positives, I suddenly have all these avenues of potential time open up. I have structured my days in the gym to be productive, so I can make the most of my days off. Or when I have a split shift, I can pop to the beach for the 4 hours in between. It's all about making the time for things you are passionate about.

Scheduling is a big one for me. I try and get my admin work, planning and housework out of the way early in the week, then that leaves the rest of the week free. I scope the weather in advance and plan activities on the best days, then on the not-so-amazing days, I schedule in work or a sleep-in. I always have an ever growing "bucket-list" of sorts that I add to and tick off. It contains small things like walks around the area, things I want to see or bigger activities like a hike, an overnight stay somewhere or a few days interstate.

Another great idea is using some of your annual leave in broken up ways. If you get two days off a week, sometimes you could request an extra day off and plan a 3-day adventure. It breaks up the work nicely and suddenly you have more time to do those things that you have been putting off forever. In early February 2017, I did just that with a friend and planned a hiking adventure, to go to climb Mt. Kosciuszko, the highest peak in Australia. My mum, sister and I do this once a year as a family getaway as well. We've been to Sydney and Bondi Beach in a 4 day trip, Echuca, the Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne and the Yarra Valley. It's a nice mini-break that doesn't break the annual leave bank.

So by making time for the things that are important to you, you are able to make the most of your work time and really enjoy your down time as well. Then you are not dreading those Mondays and living only for the weekends. A good balance will leave you refreshed and excited and thriving more in day to day life.

So.... when's your next adventure planned?

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