1:1 Coaching is perfect for those who are after individual and supported coaching. I work with you to break down obstacles that have been holding you back and I help challenge and support you to reach new levels of achievement, fulfillment, love and happiness in your life.

My coaching is all tailored to the individual with no 'one-size-fits-all' approach. We work towards your goals with the emphasis on educating and empowering you to allow you to turn your goals and dreams into a reality.

What you'll learn:


- Effective goal setting

- Identifying and overcoming self-sabotage

- How to ramp up your mindfulness

- Identifying and removing limiting beliefs

- Developing healthy mindsets around food and exercise

- Creating daily habits for success

- Self-love and self-care


- How to find exercise you enjoy

- Training programming for your goals

- Video demonstrations for all exercises

- How to exercise for your goals

- Understanding the most effective ways of using exercise


- Understand how to eat for your goals

- How to incorporate more plants and wholefoods

- Understanding the binge eating cycle and how to break it

- Learn how to create your own meal plans and shop with ease

- Understand macros, calories and nutrients


- In depth outcome setting and tracking

- Working in depth with you to help you create a nutritional plan that you can thrive on. (Educate you to understand nutrition, how to set nutritional goals for results, how to eat out easily, how to track and how to plan your meals.)

- 12 Weeks of structured training

- Periodised step goals to help keep you accountable and moving.

- Weekly check-ins

- 1-to-1 coaching calls

- Educational videos to educate you about nutrition, mindset and exercise

- Weekly learning tasks