Close your eyes and imagine the most amazing version of yourself. Take 10 seconds and think about what that would look like... How would you feel? What would you be doing? How would you describe yourself?

I'm here to help you get there.

Level Up


  • Identify and overcome self-sabotage

  • Ramp up your mindfulness

  • Identify and remove all those pesky limiting beliefs

  • Developing healthy mindsets around food and exercise (because food is awesome AF)

  • Learn how to give yourself big ol' doses of self-love and self-care

  • How to find exercise you enjoy

  • Learn how to incorporate more plants and whole foods to make you feel freakin' insane

  • Understand why you binge eat and how to break those patterns

I don't think you realise how grateful I am. Your support, encouragement, friendship and motivation has meant so much to me. You haven't changed me; instead you have supported me to become a better version of myself. That is what makes your programs so amazing, you really highlight the special-ness in your clients.


- Briony



  • Set some in-depth outcomes to make sure you have some badass goals to work towards.

  • Understand nutrition, show you how to set nutritional goals for results, how to incorporate more plant based whole foods and how to find alllllll the yummy stuff that makes you feel good - as well as show you how to have an amazing relationship with food.

  • Really find the exercise that you love and that loves you right back (aka results baby!)

  • Check-in with you weekly - via Zoom call or in person. That way we can celebrate those wins and continue to set goals for you to crush. We'll also use this time to overcome limiting beliefs, not-so-optimal thought patterns and conditioning and also to teach you some rad mindset tools!

  • With some online learning modules full of educational videos to educate you about nutrition, mindset and exercise.

  • Understand yourself and how to continue to grow and level up your life!

Anna, THANK YOU. Those two little words seem so inadequate in expressing my gratitude. I feel like I've just done 5 hours of strength training (I'm so f***ing exhausted) BUT with your knowledge base, I have started to unpack so much more than any therapy session I've muddled through. You are a BOSS. Driving home, my inner monologue shifted from "this is maybe a possibility" to "I want this and I'm putting this first. That's on you. Thank you.


- Kate

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