We decided to create this podcast so we could empower you to be more curious, follow your passions and question how you look at the world. We want it to feel like you're catching up with your mates for a cuppa while we dive into a range of topics. Our goal is to get you more comfortable starting conversations, to challenge your ways of thinking and explore new ways to level up - so we can all lead more energised and engaged lives.


Empowering your curiosity

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Why we believe in starting conversations... 



Conversations are the exchange of thoughts and ideas whilst listening to each other. 


When we’re talking to one another, we can also learn to listen. It is where we develop the capacity for empathy. It’s where we experience the joy of being heard and of being understood. Conversation advances self-reflection, encourages the conversations and thoughts with ourselves, gives us a chance to explore and play with ideas, allows us to see different perspectives and also become comfortable within ourselves.


These conversations encourage us to think about new ideas, develop questions and make decisions. It is so important to encourage discussion to think and make decisions for ourselves — consciously. Rather than believing everything we see or hear, or have undue outside influence, actively seeking out opportunities to learn and ask questions gives us so much more power in our lives.


This then empowers us to grow, to become more independent, more objective and more interested in our own lives (and what we want that to look like.)


Also it’s fun to learn, fun to get to know people and to broaden our views!