Hey, i'm Annelise!

I'm a sun-loving, plant-eating Personal Trainer and gym owner from a little town south-east of Melbourne, Australia. I'm a big believer in health and wellness as a whole package and I want to show you that it's possible to look good and feel even better.

So often we get told what we should look like, or what we should eat or what we should do. Yet, what is missing is the information on how to feel fantastic, how to grow, how to nourish your body and how to have amazing relationships with your loved ones, your nutrition and exercise and most importantly... your self.

Transformation with me isn't just about changing your body composition. It's about learning the tools to level up your life, set you free from the continual search for help and truly enjoy every aspect of your life.

I created My Kind of Awesome to explore ways to make nutrition and health easy and fun. I'll be sharing loads of the tips and tricks I've learnt along my own journey and that I use every day in my job to show you that even making bite-sized changes to your lifestyle will help you live a healthier and more rad life!

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